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When I first met Victor Chua during the renovation of White Restaurant (三巴旺百米粉), I was impressed with his meticulous work ethic – from designing, to site supervision and lastly handing over of the project. During that moment, We had made up our mind and if We ever get a house next time, this guy here is going to be my I.D.

A few years passed, finally we got our keys. We rang him up and sent him our unit’s floor plan. Briefly we mentioned our ideas and victor managed to draft out few plans. Upon our many few meet ups my Wife was most impressed with his kitchen design and the book shelf he had created for us. He had prepared a few on hand. However we didn’t have any that caught our attention. Quickly he thought about it and roughly sketch out one more which my Wife was really pleased with. Soon the idea came to reality and it was really our dream house. He managed to infuse two separate personalities and ideas into one home. Which what really impressed us.

We are really thankful for the friendship we had made through this built up and we appreciate all the little surprises he planned for us. We felt he knew what we wanted before we could say and he surprised us along the way.

Thank you for your help to build our home, our really nice and comfortable home that makes us longing to go back from work everytime.

The first impression with Aestherior was only a pass but we are glad to have met up with Roy Kong again for the second time and this round, we are immediately being bought over by his designs conceptualisation and wooed over by his humble and sincere self. He listens to our requirements and never fails to help and answer on any queries before and during the renovation process. My Husband and I had bad experiences with IDs and were pretty cautious and wary for the second home but with Roy, we never have to worry and is able to entrust him fully with the requirements that we have. He coordinates the planning and renovations with both internal and going the extra mile with external vendors for us too, ensuring that the whole process went without an issue. Thumbs up to Roy and Aestherior for everything and giving us a wonderful and cosy designed home as the final results. Thanks again for all the great job you did for my family and me.

My wife and I got our flat in Nov 2017. We started off with a list of 11 IDs and Contractors, spoke to all of them and finally decided to engage Sebrina from Aestherior because she is proactive, has a good design sense, does not bullshit and Aestherior’s value for money pricing. First of all, she doesnt fluff and bluff on what can be done for your house (you will know after speaking to 11 IDs). I studied design and is very particular when it comes to it. After several meet-ups, we found her to be patient and her design works to be coherent and holistic, which is very important when it comes to creating a enjoyable living space. Sebrina is quick in responding and providing quotations, she is proactive but does not pester. We revised our quotation 5 times before signing with Aestherior. The quotations that she prepared were very detailed which eliminated possible heavy unforeseen costs.

Design and Material Selection:
During the Design Phase, we found Sebrina to be very responsive and detailed. She provided a detailed plan for different phases from fitting selections, design and renovation to handing over. She always came prepared with pictures, material and colour selection, saving us a lot of time, making it a lot easier and enjoyable. With all the materials selected, she was quick to come up with CAD model which helped us visualise the overall form and design. We had the design revised several times but she continued to listen to our ideas and was very patient throughout the whole process.
Sebrina did take everything we wanted if she felt that it is impractical, but she will provide professional advice and alternatives the overall design and space utilization to make sure our needs are met. 
Sebrina is also very careful in keeping the overall cost low and within our budget, she is proactive in providing alternatives to more expensive materials which helped us achieve very similar design effects at a much lower cost.

Once the design was confirmed, Sebrina was quick to come up with the renovation schedule. Her attention to small details, no compromises in work quality and sense of responsibility during the renovation was what impressed us. She is very knowledgeable and and knew the sequence of works very well, she was able foreseen any possible problems and was prepared for it. She was proactive in going to site to ensure everything was done according to her design.
During the renovation, there were hicupps but Sebrina managed it very well. For example, there is a feature wall in our kitchen, she picked up a few defects and got the contractor to replace the laminate several times until she was satisfied with the result. Her dedication to delivering the highest standard of work made us glad that we’ve chosen her as our ID.

Post Renovation:
Sebrina’s sense of responsibility did not stop after handing over the renovated apartment. We found stains of glue from the carpentary work on our KompacPlus table top. We tried to clean it off but couldnt, so we texted Sebrina to see how we can clean it off. One week after the incident she texted us to check if we managed to clean it off, we told her we did not have the time to try, she immediately arranged for someone to come up to clean it off for us. The kind of after reno service provided by Sebrina and Aestherior is what differentiate them from the rest.

I am not the easiest person to deal with, but Sebrina did a very good job. From our interactions with Sebrina, we felt that Sebrina puts in emotions to her designs and is very dedicated to her work. Her attitude made us feel as though she was designing her own home. She is proud of her works and from our experience working with Sebrina and Aestherior, we will not hesitate to recommend Sebrina it to anyone.

Would recommend Roy (Kong) from Aestherior anytime. What drives this firm apart from the remaining 6 proposals was the no-frills seriousness in giving what the customer wants. Aestherior is able to match the design with the budget I’m looking for and the renovation indeed went smoothly generally, especially with the fact that he had to coordinate with my external contractors. The blue door added to the Santorini theme was a pleasant surprise after the 3D and I couldn’t appreciate enough the patience rendered when things have to be changed, even at the last minute. The end product turned out to be way better than expected. Thumbs up, Roy!

After comparing some other IDs with aestherior, Roy’s company was able to offer me my dream house with the most afforable Price. Roy was very approachable and he welcomed me with all my ideas about my dream house and guided me on the planning. We met multiple times to get my ideal house drew up and throughout he was friendly and patience towards all my requests. When all were finalised, his workers started the reno. Roy even make time to accompany me to purchase the electrical items. During the reno, he will personal oversees the work and always welcomed me to have a ” spot check” during the reno. He has great responsibility towards this project And as i am busy with my wor, he will message me on a constant basis to update me. His sense of responsibility and trust had made me focus on my own work while he managed the reno for me. Although therer are some hiccups ( inadvertently), he will always solved them for me and update me. My house was delivered to me on time and reno was excellent. Thank you for fulfiling my dream house deco with the satisfied price . A company of trust and good responsibility towards the pubilc!!!

Engaged sebrina as my ID a while back and I’m Glad I made the right choice. I’ve to be honest I was abit hesitant when I first saw her, young vibrant girl, I’m thinking to myself, sure no experience. But the way she talked, I can feel her sincerity. She asked me and my Wife for a bit of time and give her a chance to do a little bit of brief drawing on our layout. After around an hour we went back to her again and she ran through the layout with us, explaining in detail which part of my house is for what(of cos that’s Subject to our preference). I’d say I’m quite impress with her, so is my Wife. We gave her the nod. Months later, we received our sketches and also had a view of the entire layout. What amazes me is we only did told her we Wan what kinda theme and she produced a few for us to choose from. Till date, we are still very proud of our house designed by sebrina! Dont judge a book by its cover, old doesn’t always means gold

I ‘m a SATISFIED customer!!

I met 8 IDs before I decided to go with Roy from Aestherior recommended by Qanvast.

I bought my home from open-market and I am a first-time homeowner. All along, I have the intention to fully renovate my new place however I was really concerned with the negative press about interior designing firms.

Roy’s professionalism convinced me that he is able to handle my 1st home project that I had intended to splurge a little more for renovation. During the initial meet-ups, I shared with him my requirements. He recommended designs and provided sketches based on what I had described to him. He was always ready to tweak designs and provide solutions. Above all, he responded positively with every of my requests.

During the renovation, I had a few demands which he was able to follow through even though it required more planning and work to have it done. I am really appreciative of his efforts!

When renovation was completed, Roy has done well in the follow-up for touch-up on nitty-gritty. He was as responsive as before he hand over my renovated dream home to me.

Highly Recommended!

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to our ID Jimmy Toh. We finally signed up the contract with him as he offered a very reasonable quotation as compared to other IDs. He really did a good job in renovating our kitchen n 2 toilets. Thanks again for his patience, professional advice and prompt assistance despite tight deadline. He’s also always contactable and accommodating to our requests. Keep up the good work, Jimmy!

Roy was creative, patient and also a good listener. This made it easy to work with him. Had no major issues in the workmanship and follow up was prompt. The flexibility to change or add to the design was really a great thing as he was willing to modify our hall as we wanted to add on a display cabinet. On the whole, I would definitely work with Roy in the future. Cheers!

Caleb and Sabrina are shortlisted via a few id houses. They win in terms of pricing and enthusiasm and sincerity. They have been able to provide competitive pricing for my considerably big project, almost revamping a 17yr condo unit, full hacking of flooring of all rooms, ceilings, and doing tiling and overseeing all electrical, carpentry, wet works. They have also been accommodating in correcting installations that did not seemed right after installs. Overall, their work and design met our expectation (marble flooring, timber strips, semi island kitchen, see through kitchen etc…) They also met customer needs of adhering to tight schedule of household items shifting into house. Throughout project, Caleb has been exceptionally accommodating to small details rectification and fixing them at earliest convenience. I would recommend both of them to new home proud owners looking for ID help whom wants an ease of mind. Good job!

It’s indeed my pleasure to write a review for Aestherior, and dedicate my special appreciation to Caleb, my ID. I selected them after meeting up more than 10 IDs and contractors because I was convinced they were able to deliver. Indeed, they were really impressive, both in terms of craftsmanship, quality, response time and timeliness in fixing the slightest flaw. Caleb is highly attentive to details and will go to the the extra mile of making things work, or even correcting the slightest flaw. Let me give you a few examples:

1) workmanship for my carpentry and lighting is impressive
2) designs fits exactly what we wanted (modern contemporary) and I was given 4 to 5 times to change the design
3) he is responsive and would always travel down to meet me, and update me on the progress of the project
4) he will come down specially to my house to await delivery when I am not able to be at home for the furniture I ordered online
5) when I need help, he’ll always be willing to help to fix the accessories and furniture I bought
6) he went all the way down to bukit batok (from ubi) to submit my condo approval form, and to Ang mo kio industrial park twice to buy and subsequently change my window parts
7) he doesn’t complain a bit and service is always excellent (in fact my wife was asking me when he ever said no to what we asked for!)

Simply put, his service is excellent and puts customer at the centre of everything. Honestly we were so impressed that we gave him some token to appreciate him for his help during our reno. I recommended him to all my friends and told them that this guy will go far because unlike other IDs I met, he will simply go the extra mile to make it work. Special thanks to him for making my house a lovely place!

We engaged astherior because of Sebrina. After meeting few IDs, we think Sebrina is the one who listened and understood our need.

We like her attitude of willing to cater for all reasonable requests. She will honestly suggest when things wont make sense for us.

Impressive thing is she still follows up our requests even when we finished our full payment.

Overall we are happy with her design and service.

Thank you Sebrina.�
We will look for you for our future projects if any. Hope you dun mind cos we are noisy customer lol�

We are bless to have found Aestherior! Like all anxious new/old owners, we look forward to having the best valued package and exclusive design for our first house. Did market research, compared quotations and end up feeling they are similar and simply differs in types of inclusion for various services or items.

Aestherior was awesome! The team (Victor and Caleb), was extremely patient in listening to our needs, never try to buy us into their design, but professionally develop a design based on what we have in mind and adding on their professional touch to the end product. Answering each and every doubt, sometimes beyond their knowledge, will find out and revert. The extra mile of service was indeed a great wow! (Trust me, I really ask alot alot of questions, haha)

Design was pleasantly to our utmost liking, practical, maintainable, modern, natural and yet cosy. Although, there were miscommunications, Victor and Caleb will always worked it out for us. Well, it didn’t just end here. After handover, whenever we had any issues with regards to the house, they will listen with empathy and render their best assistance. I am glad to have found Aestherior, they listen with a heart and deliver with a promise.

Thank you Victor, Thank you Caleb!

service was beyond excellent!! It was scheduled at 10am today, and the crews came early knocking my door with greeting and great smile on their faces. they are very careful when shifting things around. they are also very serious with their work too. they don’t even go for tea break. due to their hard work and seriousness, I decided to make some drink for them . this is also a token of appreciation to them. They work happily and I’m a happy customer too.!! once again thank you Victor Chua my ID and wonderful team & Aestherior!!

We were matched with Roy from Aestherior via Qanvast when we first started looking there for IDs for our new home. Out of the 5 matches, he was the first to contact us and also the one to impress us the most with his practical yet awesome ideas and hence we decided to proceed with him as our ID Roy was super on-the-ball from start to finish. On the day we collected the keys to our flat, he was already here with us checking defects and providing advice on how to deal with it. In terms of the design for our house, Ian and I really didn’t have much ideas about what we wanted, and we didn’t do much homework and research either (too busy/lazy oops ><) All we told Roy was that we wanted a comfy cozy home to come home to, we wanted it as easy to clean and maintain as possible, wanted it dog-friendly, wanted a walk-in wardrobe, wanted a room dedicated for my pole…and he did the rest! His 3D drawings blew us away and we modeled our house exactly like his drawings haha! Roy never went MIA any step along the way, even when we were furniture shopping we took photos and sent to him for his approval haha. He provided constant updates, and even though our old house was actually just across the street from our new house, we barely visited to check and he was the one asking us to go check out the progress wahahaha. It was our first time moving house and engaging an ID and he made it such an easy awesome process, totally unlike the nightmare stories we sometimes see on facebook etc. So yep 5 stars, 0 complains at all, he’s awesomeee

My wife and I first embarked on the journey to renovate our new home in Oct 2017. The process was a tiring but important and exciting one.

We decided to engage an ID to help us with the design and coordination since it was our first attempt and also due to the time required for such an endeavor if we were to do it on our own.

We talked to 5 IDs (sourced through Qanvast and word-of-mouth) and met each of them at least a couple of times before deciding on Aestherior. The key factor that led to us hiring Aestherior was because of Roy (Kong – there are 2 Roys in Aestherior as far as I know =p).

Even though the quote from Aestherior was not the lowest (which is a consideration for many Singaporean couples), Roy gave us the feeling we were looking for i.e. someone whom we could communicate with easily and also someone who was interested in the final product rather than just concerned about the project profits.

Throughout the project, Roy was prompt with his updates and replies and often worked late into the night to address our ceaseless questions. We re-worked the design numerous times but Roy was always patient and focused on delivering what we really wanted. He kept us aware of the economic sense of things as well, for which I was very appreciative of.

Of course, no project is a bed of roses and we encountered our share of problems as well. However, it is never about the problems but more about the attitude on resolving them that matters. Roy’s attitude is unquestionable in this regard.

The end-product that is our home is, in our opinion and many others as well, an elegantly designed and very livable space to call our own. And to top it off, the total cost was a comfortable one too (unlike $100k Muji homes which we see on TV).

In summary, we are very grateful to have been able to work on our first home with Roy and Aestherior and will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else. But of course, no copying of ideas.

Note: Cannot wait for the photo-taking so that we can showcase our project with photos!

Communication: 5
Product Quality: 5
Customer Service: 5
Summary: Extremely highly recommended

We found Aestherior through Qanvast’s recommendation and we have gotten Sebrina as our ID for our flat. Her design is excellent, service is good and very responsive! She is patient in listening to our requirement and clear in her presentation. She is very experience despite her young age. She is not like some designers who we anyhow agree to our request, she will point out the problem that might arise with some of our request and propose a better design solution to meet our requirement. Definitely Responsible and trustable! Their workmanship is good! Thanks to her and her team, they have make our home a beautiful and cozy place to live in!


During our first meeting, I was quite amazed by Sebrina’s creative portfolio and her positive attitude. Price was our biggest concern as this is our first home and she quoted a reasonable price as compared to other IDs we have met.

During the few weeks of renovation period, she gave us constant updates and followed up everything according to the schedule and tried to meet all our impromptu requests. She even worked with us on all the design detail, fabric, pricing and quality. We personally devoted very little time to the project as she turned our bare looking apartment into a dream vacation home.

We were astounded how patient she was in educating us (not selling me rather) on the delicate workmanship and efforts of their processes. For a layman like me with zero knowledge, she was very patient to share with me all her experiences and gave me suggestions whenever I had to make decisions.

The place looks great, it was completed on time and we are truly satisfied.

한국인으로써 싱가포르에서 집을 구입을하고 레노베이션을 한다는게 쉽지가 않았지만, 저희가 고용한 Sebrina 라는 디자이너가 공사준비단계부터 마무리까지 (총 3개월정도 소요) 너무 친절하고 업데이트도 빨라서 너무 수월하게 진행이 된것 같습니다.

저랑 제 와이프 역시 세브리나의 친절한 서비스에 감동을 받았고 세심하게 신경써준덕에 아주 만족스러운 결과가 나왔습니다.

만약 레노베이션을 생각하고 계시다면 꼭 추천하고 싶습니다

I would like to appreciate my thankful to my ID Caleb Cheong, who is helping me a lot during getting done my dream home decoration in Apr17 this year.

I was so depanding on his help, because i am working n no one at home, as such his help is so important. He fully cor-ordinate with me and fulfill anything i requested, beside tt he also helping me in receiving items which i purchased, which minimise leave application. I truely trust him so to let him ran my whole house till completion, and I feel really ease.

We are now still contact, when i have a party he will be invited.

I strongly to recommend him as your ID if you need someone trust just go for him. Indeed recognised his hard work. Jiayu and good luck Caleb.

In general, I am satisfied with my ID, Sebrina. I am kind of busy professional and not willing to spend too much time to take care of the details. Along the process, we have a whatsapp group, from time to time, Sebrina will post the progress with pictures, that really helps a lot. After checking the pictures, sometimes I will change my mind and make last minute changes. In such a short notice, Sebrina will try to accommodate my last minute request (out of the original plan) as much as possible. Based on my conservation with her, I believe she is a seasoned ID who is experienced enough to handle all kind of possible scenario. You can trust her with peace of mind.

Approachable, reliable, quality, responsive, good value for money – these are the keywords that came to my mind whenever i think of Roy and his team. A lot of people have had bad experiences with rogue/unreliable contractors/IDs. Based on my personal experience with Roy, i must say that they are definitely a reliable bunch! I am extremely pleased with what Roy has done up for my home and iwill definitely go to them again in future.

Had Sebrina Foong as my design consultant. She was obliging and patient during entire reno process. The follow-up was evident when she arranged for the minor touch-up of paint after 5 month into completion. She did her best within her ability to accede to most of our requirements and requests. I will recommend her if you are shortlisting.Good relationship sustained during as well as post project. Satisfied client. Do look for her if you require an interior designer. ^_^

Was glad that we chose Victor as our ID. Communication was easy and smooth. Victor displayed great patience and accomodated to our fussiness, changing of designs a few times and last minute add on requests. Our expectations and needs were understood and incorporated nicely accordingly to our house layout. 

Now I have got a nicely done up home with friends and relatives praising it.

Overall, it was good experience working with him. Will not hesitate to refer him in future.

Engaged sebrina as my ID a while back and I’m Glad I made the right choice. I’ve to be honest I was abit hesitant when I first saw her, young vibrant girl, I’m thinking to myself, sure no experience. But the way she talked, I can feel her sincerity. She asked me and my Wife for a bit of time and give her a chance to do a little bit of brief drawing on our layout. After around an hour we went back to her again and she ran through the layout with us, explaining in detail which part of my house is for what(of cos that’s Subject to our preference). I’d say I’m quite impress with her, so is my Wife. We gave her the nod. Months later, we received our sketches and also had a view of the entire layout. What amazes me is we only did told her we Wan what kinda theme and she produced a few for us to choose from. Till date, we are still very proud of our house designed by sebrina! Dont judge a book by its cover, old doesn’t always means gold.

Was referred by a friend to Victor. Very satisfied with the service he provided, he was accomodating to our requests and amendments along the way. He provided professional advice for the things we suggested and provided alternatives which he think were better. Overall a pleasant and thumbs up experience with Victor.

It was a breeze working with Sebrina on our home renovation.

Even though we had a very simple brief for Sebrina, she was able to relate to the feel we wanted while keeping a balance on the budget with suggestions of the right materials for our needs.

Timeline was very well managed and her teams provided good quality workmanship.
The end product is exactly what we envisioned it to be. We love our new home. Thank you Sebrina!