We met up with many ID firms and decided to go with Jingwen from Aestherior. Jingwen was very friendly and receptive, offering a lot of her advices while listening to what we wanted for our dream home. Being first time owners, we were quite uncertain on some choices but Jingwen was very re-assuring and always advise us on our choices, providing several options and their pros and cons so that we can make our decisions better.

Throughout our reno journey, we had quite a number of changes, Jingwen was extremely patient and helpful to change the 3D drafts and quotations for us. She also constantly updated us through whatsapp on the progress of our renovation, and even though we were too busy to head down for updates, we didnt have to worry about anything.

Even after moving in, whenever we spotted some minor issues with the house, Jingwen very quickly got her contractors to come down to our house to rectify them.

In the end, our reno process is smooth and everything worked out as plan and we are really appreciative of her help. Our guests were all praises of our new home! We are very grateful to her and would definitely recommend getting Jingwen as your ID!

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