Our journey with Aestherior has been nothing short of amazing. Since the very beginning of our project, we’ve received quick responses from Aestherior and our concerns were addressed seamlessly. This put our worries at ease as we knew right from the start how responsive they were! Our ID is always contactable, and very meticulous. He shares with us his valuable experiences and does not withhold information, even turning down on ideas that were beneficial (in monetary terms) to him as an ID but not practical to home owners which was ultimately what we like about him. Everything was transparent, although we had a few hiccups along the way which resulted in the timeline being pushed back a little, Roy will personally make sure that the problem is resolved with no further implications, even going to the extent of cleaning up the place by himself. Any last minute changes that we wanted was well attended to. Thank you Aestherior and Roy for the great work done and we thoroughly enjoyed working with them!

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